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Songs & Videos


Click on the song title to hear a sample from each of Kris' recordings, or visit Kris' Myspace for a few tracks from his most recent (June 2009) release, These United States.

Kris Demeanor - Mosquitoes and Cars
Lark - Wasted Love
Party All Night - I Retire
Go Away (With Me) - 298 Ferdinand
The Guilt and the Shame - Dr. Meat

I Have Seen The Future

This Bravofact commissioned short was winner of best animated short at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2008, screened at Sundance 2008, Toronto International Festival, was short listed for a 2009 Academy Award, and won Best Video at the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards. Song by Kris Demeanor, animated by Cam Christiansen. Based on the true story of a father/son tennis match rudely interrupted by three glue sniffing youths.

Extreme to Me

This 2001 video was realized by Calgary's Road Pictures (Sandi Somers and Nicole Mion). They flung me around on a dolly, got a large office building (SMED) to let us run amok for two days, tipping tables and taping stuff to them, making out in the bathroom stalls, and they secured a very large bus from a grumpy farmer and drove it in Chinatown. Take that 'Extreme' Pita, 'Extreme' Scuba, 'Extreme' Discount Haircut!

Other Videos

Check out some of the live clips of KD & the Crack Band that have been popping up on YouTube:

I Have Seen The Future: live at the Marquee Room, April 2008. My Dad's retort to the little assholes is particularly strong, I must say.
Junofest, March 2008: ten minutes of the Crack Band in full fight.
Kris Demeanor & Dragonfli Empire: a collaboration on their hit "Mount Pleasant", January 2008.
Down In The Zone: featured in Daniel Sponagles' documentary "The Whyte Movie".
Fat On Plastics: a funky and astute piece using 'Liquidation World' as the sound track.