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About Kris Demeanor

Kris Demeanor was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada right about the time of the first moon landing, the son of a Swedish beauty queen and a German General Proficiency award winner. He's a songwriter and performer who writes and sings about the funny, dark, absurd, maddening, and the joyful for people who like to think, dance, laugh, cry and party.

Kris has put out six CDs of original music, a couple of award winning videos, created and performed for the theatre, and toured clubs and folk festivals around Canada, Australia and Europe, both solo and with his Crack Band.

His music draws on classic folk story telling, spoken word/rap, and shamelessly hooky pop, which both complicates things for all involved and makes them more interesting.

Kris loves his fellow Canadian songwriters, and has toured and recorded with the likes of Geoff Berner, Carolyn Mark, Nathan, Ford Pier, Dave Lang, Veda Hille, Wendy McNeill and Kim Barlow.


"... the man, seriously, is the best thing going in Canadian music these days. Musically adventurous and lyrically stunning."
- les siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs

"Calgary native Kris Demeanor is a truly original musical talent. One part spoken word, one part hip hop, one part folk-country, one part rock--you have to see him live to appreciate how all these parts fit so uniquely well together."
National Arts Centre programme, Alberta Scene spoken word showcase

"If irony is indeed Canada's national sport, Mr. Demeanor is a first-round draft choice."
Dugg Simpson, Vancouver Folk Music Festival Program.

"Kris Demeanor has a knack for seeing the unusual in ordinary people and circumstances, cleverly wordsmithing the tales. His melodies and phrases are strong and catchy, and the diversity of styles and approaches to his music make his tunes stand out, whether done solo or with accompaniment."
Kerry Clarke, Artistic Director, Calgary Folk Festival